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Question to those who have Reason Drum Kits Refill..

I was seriously thinking about it, but I only have 512 MB of RAM which is the basic requirements. Let me quote what they said and then ask the question...

The designers have gone far to create the most realistic sounding set of drums ever made for Reason. This means that the full patches in this ReFill are large. Multi-out patches weigh around 250MB (16 bit format) and to load them into NN-XT in Reason 2.5 takes quite some time compared to loading sounds from the Reason Factory Sound Bank. Therefore, Propellerheads recommend a faster CPU and more memory for this product. If you have less memory than recommended, or if you just want the patches to load faster, you can use stereo mix patches (MX). These are stereo representations of the samples and work perfectly well in a programming situation. You can always step up to the multi-out patches later on in the process, since all stereo mix patches have a multi-out equivalent.

Are they saying that I can use the drum kits that use less ram up until the export and then switch them with the good ones? I guess I'm trying to figure out if I have a full blown song with 20+ tracks as well as reason drums and my computer can't handle the 250MB sample live, would I be able to switch to the sample at least during an export?

Also, I'm just wondering the opinons of the drums? They sound really sweet! Anyone have MP3s of songs that they've made with those drums?