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Controlling any parameter from the Matrix Pattern sequencer

How about being able to control any parameter on any device - for instance the LENGTH parameter on a Redrum module - with the Matrix Pattern sequencer?

Here's my idea -

(1) You select the Matrix module. Connect the Matrix's MIDI out (yes, a new feature) to the Redrum's MIDI in (another new feature).

(2) You then select which MIDI controller data the Matrix will send (for example controller number 77) and then the Matrix will be able to control the length parameter for the Redrum module's channel 1.

(3) Then program the Matrix module in the usual way and you can the alter the length of the sample playback from the Matrix.

A spider midi merger and splitter would then also be useful. Plus all the Reason modules will need to have a MIDI in (small point!).

Just think of the possibilities!!!