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Support Program Change for device selection in live use

Improve live play flexibility, make it easier to switch between devices when editing.
Allow MIDI foot controllers to have a very useful place with reason (they are normally patch changer devices for guitar fx boxes).

Program change moved the current input device to a specific device. Each device is given a number when its added to the rack. The user needs the option to lock the number so that it doesnt change when other devices get deleted/added.

The user should have some kind of list management interface that lets them explicitly assign the program numbers for each device - suggest a simple list view of all devices. Maybe 3 columns: device name, pgram number and a tick box to make it selectable via PC. Moving stuff around in the list should maybe allow drag and drop for fast simple re-ordering.

Each MIDI controller can independently control a different reason device. Only the device issuing the PC message is re-assigned - all other devices keep their current assignments.

This would effectively make simple MIDI controller keyboards behave more like self contained advanced synth for live use.

Existing Alternatives:
Some will ask whats wrong with using the hardware interface and just changing channels?

Changing channels is often a fiddly function get at whereas prgramme change often has a dedicated set of buttons or a data knob - either way its usually very quick and easy to get at.

Foot controllers are optimised for simple program changing (for changing fx patches) and typically have MIDI channel assignment buried somewhere.

Getting a decent foot controller for this purpose (if the software supported it) could hugely streamline live transitions.

More than just live use - I for one tend to record into Reason in a manner that is more like live use than editing use, so being able to switch around on the fly helps me interact with the gear as quickly as ideas come up.

Also considered:
Instead of above PC behaviour, Bank select performs the same function and each device in turn has editable number patch lists.

This was rejected as more complex to navigate with and would not yield instant transition due to time taken to load a patch.

Also Banks select is not allways as conviently accessable as program change, though often the two are integrated together in a controller in some manner.

Still - it does get around the need to have everything you might use allready loaded into memory.

Maybe this is a future enhancement.