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Creating my own NN-XT patches.

I'm sampling some wavs from the synths in Tracktion and I'm trying to make some funky patches for the NN-XT. What I would like to do is have one of the layers play only when the key is released. At that point I want it to play backwards from the end of the file. I used to that on my ASR-10 by turning off the key down for that layer and leave the key up enabled and would like to do it with my lovely NN-XT. Just for detail, I'm creating a synth that sweeps down and loops.(Layer 1) My release for that wave is around .94 secs and wanted the reversed sample to ramp up quickly, but only during the release.(Layer 2) The JX-10 that I sampled it from does that, but I can't seem to translate the parameters to make it function similarly in Reason. I admit, I'm more of a sampler than a synthesist so some parameters are still foreign to me after all these years.

BTW, I'm still using 2.5

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