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Does this piss you off?

Often when I answer a question, I talk like I'm talking to a newbie. I don't mean to be "talking down"-far from it-many newbies are more talented than me, and I don't want to be patronising anyone. But I know that many here are very, very experienced, and very talented.

If this pisses you off, my apologies, but this one may take me a while. Something about my internal wiring.


I'm quite the mediator at work-every man thinks he can do a relatively simple construction type job better than any other. I don't try to emulate people I'm not, but I'm approachable, liked, and respected, even as nearly the low man on the totem pole-a strange situation! Once again, thanks to all of you HERE that got me there where I can talk to people now. No foolin. Ah well, the 10hr days will end soon, and the 5 o'clock wake up :-/ Now the search begins again, urrgg. I'm welcome to go with them, but that's months away. I can't even afford Ola's great CD (Leem loves it-"damn, how many shows have we seen like this!")(and I'm DAMN sure not sucking up-we don't like each other-but who really knows since everything is done by implications)I can do so many things well, and am apparently unemployable in almost any position. I don't want to go back to trucks, for many reasons. The two big ones are health and you know what I'll be doing while driving down empty roads. I'm trying to do the right thing.