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Do people know what techno is???

.. I mean, where's the the "Chris Liebing, Marco Bailey, Umek, Gaetano Parisio, Glenn Wilson"-like music? It sure isn't in the techno section of the song archive. All I find there is electro/experimental/trance.

So again: Do people know what techno is?

Sure the official meaning of techno is: "music based on technical gear". But what isn't these days. The old phrase 'techno' has evolved into 100's of styles. Today techno means: rolling stomping energetic songs with great emphasis on the beat, mostly around 130-140 bpm. Trance is melodic, electro isn't rolling and stomping, experimantal is just wierd (otherwise it wouldn't be experimental).

It's not that I want to put all songs into boxes like: that's trance, that's techno etc. , there are always mixes of styles possible. But when you search for techno tracks in the song archive it's very disapointing. Music is to easaly labeled 'techno'.