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10,000 Samples in the Reason Drum Kit??? yeah right......

so I got the refill hoping they would have some good kicks, snares, hi hats.. ect... I didn't care about the patches and such. I just wanted the samples.

Turns out the samples are -3943 db? I'm using the Redrum and loading in samples in and I can hear only 1/2 or them... at -32432 db.

I usually use the stock Reason 2.5 drum samples which have high volume, but the samples in the Drum refill have such low volume.

And also, 1/2 the samples are same, just dffferent velocity. I don't understand. There are 10,000 samples... 10 duplicates of 1.... just velocity difference..

Did I recieve a defect cd?

someone help.