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copy pattern section to track

i program the pattern section of redrum or matrix for the entire track

but now i want to edit a few bars here n there, shift a couple of notes, i cant

the work around being i copy only those bars onto the track and do it while disabling the pattern section for those bars.

so i feel there should be a way to convert the whole programmed pattern section to notes on the tracks.
just like copy pattern to track,there should be copy pattern section to track.

some things u need to adjust manually,and cant be done with automation (if they can be done,its not feasible to do them that way)
....for eg,i need to increase velocity of that one kick in the whole track.

so its better to have everything copied to tracks.

so pheads "copy pattern section to track" would be a very important tool please implement it,itll make life easier for a lot of ppl