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Reason 3.0 Demo not working yet full version 2.0 does

i've downloaded the demo. installed it. listened to the sample song. but i can't play.

what i mean is.. i start a new file/document i create a subtractor but when i play on my keyboard there is no sound. i can draw in the notes fine but there is no midi data getting written to the track. strangely the "channel 1" red light way at the top of the mixer lights up but none of the "note on" lights.

i've gone through the preferences and selected EXACTLY what i have selected when i run my purchased copy of 2.0 (which works fine) and it still doesn't work.

to tourbleshoot i launced cubase and that works fine.

even standalone vsts work.. so i'm pretty sure (99.9%) that it's not my set up that's causing the issue but something not clicking within demo3.

please help.. i'd like to buy it but won't if i can't use it.