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designing different delays - implementation questions

i am trying to design lossy delays, e.g. delays in which each successive echo of the sound has been affected somehow - in particular, delays in which successive echos sound less present or more spatially diffuse. i understand that a weak implementation of this would be simply to drop an eq or reverb after the delay and use some fancy routing to only affect the wet output - but this, as a single effect applied once to all output, is not what i'm looking for.

i understand that what i need to do is to turn off the delay unit's internal feedback and implement the feedback myself by routing the delay's output back into itself. my problem of course is that i cannot seem to avoid a catastrophic increase in volume.

a certain amount of knob tweaking and volume attenuation here and there seems to solve the problem for some particular input at a given amplitude, but i'm looking to solve the problem in general - e.g. no matter what you feed into this filter, there will be no exponential volume increase.

any takers?
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