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Devices that dont have bypass

Ok now that I got your attention with that sexy title (sex sells, ya know)...

The mixers don't have a bypass. If you have several songs going, it would be an easy way to mute one while preserving levels.

Oh wait, I just figured it out-this is stupid. Put ANY device (truly) not doing anything at the top that does have a bypass switch. Like that default mastering combi always up there that led me to the answer. Oops, that sounds like a slam/joke at the default combi. Oh no, at first I was "what, you're going to tell me how it's supposed to sound? Oh, not", then I left it in enough times and decided it wasn't too pervasive and I could tame it easy enough and it really sounded good from the get go to boot-and I needed the auto help/speed. It's just become for me like maybe it was intended to be-a nice push with the doors open to salt and pepper to taste.

Still, hmmm, gotta keep them controllers in mind on the device/per front...