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New track by Dance FX 21 - Drum up the Bass! - SoundClick


Happy Christmas to all you guys!

I?ve just uploaded a new track called *Drum up the Bass!* which has some Drum n Bass elements to it, but the genre is strictly Techno. However, I mentioned that there are some significant departures from the norm. One is the tempo which at 160 BPM, might take a little while to get used to. Another is a cinematic style section which pushes theme variation to the limit. Finally, mind your ears and especially your speakers, this track is a lot louder than any other I?ve uploaded to date, particularly when the sub-bass and percussion are on full power.

I think one of the reasons why the mix is significantly louder is that I?ve created an 8 band compressor set-up. Another is the intensity of the percussion and bass-line, which also adds a considerable gritty touch to the theme. Unfortunately, when I converted the song to wav and mp3, a slight ringing sound on parts of the modulated warm pad has reared its ugly head in both formats. Also, a slight loss of volume at 2:10 is rather a mystery, since no such fault occurs in the RNS version. I wonder if anyone can advise me on this? - Any info would be greatly appreciated.

In any case, I?ll let you hear it for yourselves (click on the link below) - Now, I won?t be around for the next couple of days, so until then,

Christmas Cheers!!!

Dance FX 21

Drum up the Bass!