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ReCycle Toolkit 2.5

My Idea of the real ReCycle Toolkit (for Users who don't own full Version of Reason):
Make the included Reason Adapted for ReCycle like a full functionable Application e.g. called The ReCycle Rack and ReCycle is then the ReCycle Editor, sold together as ReCycle Toolkit.
The ReCycle Rack should have the following functions:
-The same Modules like Reason adapted for ReCycle 3
- plus Matrix Sequencer
- plus Scream 4
- unlimited Instances of the included Modules
- Save Patches Function
- new and bigger NN-XT Soundbank

This would make sense, because ReCycle (Toolkit) would become more interesting for Users without own the full Reason as a very good and competive Sampling and Loop 'Workstation'.
Sold for a Price like before (or 10 - max 20% more)!
For Reason Users there could be a cheaper Version, without the 'ReCycle Rack', only with the orig. ReCycle (Editor) for
3/4 the Price of the full 'ReCycle Toolkit'.
Naturally there would be a cheap Update for reg. ReCycle 2.1 Users.....

Propheads, think about it!