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Drum up the Bass! - Now available in the Reason Song Archive


I've just uploaded the RPS file for the current version of *Drum up the Bass!* to the Reason Song Archive. However, I intend to do a revision which will hopefully sort out the over-compression issue with the strings, which sound rather weak in places. Other areas include the drum layer EQ levels and the piano velocity settings.

Now, I?ve re-uploaded another 3 tracks for tonight - again, the only real changes have been made to the web and email addresses. The tracks uploaded tonight are as follow:

3) Be on the Beat!
4) Thunder Blast!
5) Into the Abyss?
6) Drum up the Bass! (new song)

The re-organising of RPS files is now complete, but hopefully, I?ll be uploading the revised version of *Drum up the Bass! (both mp3 and RPS) in the coming month.

I?ll leave it there for now -


Dance FX 21

Drum up the Bass! - Direct RPS Download!