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The Reason Love Doll

A metaphor always helps, so hows this:

Being a Reason user is starting to feel a bit like someone built the worlds first really sexy ultra-realistic love robot angelina jolie look-alike sex machine, and left off the naughty bits. Worse than that actually, because several revisions of the love doll later, after its users repeatedly pleaded for the manufacturer to add naughty bits here, here, and here, the manufacturer just keeps adding new hairdos and sexier clothes! Cheers!

Not to mention, some other manufacturers taking up the idea of this whole love doll thing and making a Keira Knightly version with all the same basic features, only, *with* the naughty bits...

(And doesn't have weird adopted kids.. though I'm not sure exactly where in the metaphor that fits...)

The point being, how do you think this story ends... I mean, I'm not going to put up with a gorgeous love doll I can't &#^% for much longer guys. Its just not the same using ReWire to put some fat old aging pornstar underneath the Propellerheads Angelina Jolie doll and positioning them just correctly so I can $%^& the fat pornstar all the while pretending I'm making love to Angelina.... know what I mean???