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Change your cables for better sound!!!!!

Many people complain about the thin, tinny and low-res sound of Reason 3.0.

I have found a solution. The patch cables used to connect the mixer and audio devices are poorly shielded and of low grade. There are also some quality control issues with these stock cables and connectors.

It was recommended to me to change the cables with higher quality ones and my gosh, you wouldn't believe the difference. I now hear such amazing detail and clarity with all of the samples I load into Reason. If you want your Reason tracks to have that pristine sound of a sample library that cost's 10 times what you paid for Reason then change the audio cables! It was worth every penny and several of my clients , while not being able to identify why, have said my music "just sounds better."

PM me if you want me to email you the PDF file that tells you how to do this simple, inexpensive procedure.