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Reason 3 Slaved to Live 5 MIDI Problem


Did a bunch of searches here and couldnt find anything on the subject, but if i missed something please post a link to the thread.
Been using Reason and Live for a while now. Have a kontrol 49 hooked up to my machine- WinXP pro- athlon 3700 64.
Basically all i want to be able to do is have reason 3.04 slaved through Live 5.03 and be able to use the knobs and sliders on my kontrol 49 to tweak parameters in reasons devices.
Anyway, In Live 5.03 i have it set up so MIDI is comming from the kontrol 49 and going to preferred reason inst or effect in Reason. Keyboard works fine as does pitch and mod wheel( im guessing all Standard MIDI cc's ) but when trying to use the knobs and sliders on my kontrol49 when reason is in Slave( rewire mode ) cant get any of the knobs or sliders to do anything in reason 3. Then when i try to override( using Learn from MIDI ) any of the knobs on reason devices it doesnt even get any MIDI input. Also when loading up Reason 3.04 in Rewire slave Mode i always get the messages" coulnt set up control surfaces properly" some of the devices were not found"....
Ive tried a bunch of different settings with the kontrol 49 in sending out encoders and knob data on different virtual ports, but still nothing. For instance having the keyboard data( notes ) going through Port 1 through Live 5 then having knobs and sliders going through port 2 directly to reason( bypassing Live ) still nothing, any help would be greatly appreciated.