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Experiencing problems recording MIDI w/ multiple devices

Specifically, the MIDI input from an M-Audio Trigger Finger.

The problem I'm having is that with multiple MIDI devices (Tascam US-122, M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, and the Trigger Finger), I cannot seem to record the MIDI input from the TF. I can get it to trigger the samples fine (using the Redrum), same goes with the Keystation, but it only seems to record input from the Keystation (KP88).

What I've noticed is that the TF only works on channel 10, while the KP88 doesn't seem to require routing to a specific channel, and works generically on all the Reason devices. Even when I've routed a specific device in Reason to the 10th channel for use with the TF, I still can't seem to record MIDI. I've removed the KP88 as the master keyboard, and assigned the TF to all the buses and MIDI sync; still no dice.

I'm running the latest Reason release candidate for the Intel iMacs.

If anyone can help me resolve this issue, I'd be most appreciative. It's my last roadblock while using the Trigger Finger. So far, I really enjoy the device, but recording the MIDI is key to really getting the use I need out of it.

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