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VIP member Virtual Project Area

Let's say I submit an idea with discretion to the Prop's.

They find the idea inspiring, but don't have any resources to develop the feature details and design further at that time.
Instead, the Prop's announce a VIP member group virtual project - and asks for project participants among the VIP members.

The participants in the VIP member group have initially (Once. When they become VIP members.) signed a generic non-disclosure agreement to protect the ideas developed in the project groups.

A project group has the goal to specify requirements/functionality/design for the idea. This is performed in a restricted forum area. All projects could have a Prop's employee as mentor/moderator/oracle.

If the project group is successful in the idea development, the project is handed over to the Prop's development team. And the group participants get rewarded (no Prop's T-shirts please:-)

If the group is unsuccessful, they'll get that too-small T-shirt.