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Scream 4 (again)

This is probably a really basic problem but it's stumped me anyway...
Malstrom hooked up to Matrix to supply bassline - all ok. Then connected Scream 4 to Malstrom to f*** with bassline later in the track - don't want Scream effect all the way through.

The problem starts when I try and bring in the Scream to affect the bass pattern I've laid down. I flick the Scream from Bypass to On (in record) and can see the colours in the track changing. When I go to play it back there's no sound, but there is activity in the midi icon in the left column of the sequencer. Also, there is automation around one of the knobs on the Malstrom panel.

Clearly I've not set something up right, but what??

Cheers for any help...