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Re: Learning Reason

If you are not interested in sifting through books and/or manuals, I recommend Reason 3 CSI Master. It is a software DVD with six hours of lessons broken up into various chapters. I like the way you only view the Reason screen in the lessons as the narrator explains what happens. You can easily pause it and try what just occurred in Reason. I think I recall there being a lesson on connecting outside MIDI interfaces in it.

: I am very interested in learning how to use Reason butt I cannot make progress. I am using my guitar with a Roland GK20 synth to play sounds in but I have no idea how to setup a system. Is there Reason For Dummies or something simiilar? I am an old guy (55) tying this for the first time. I have a great system with my Mac, Digi 002 rack and Mackie 824 monitors. However I cannot produce anything out of Reason.