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Hi guys,

I've been with Reason since it first came out.I'm not a proper musician as such, but i know how to program drum rhythms, play chords and match up instrument loops and sounds by key, and generally work things out by ear. I like making funky stuff, mainly housey, breakbeat, electro sounding grooves, etc. I have always loved playing around in Reason, discovering new ways of doing things, and new ways to use the various modules. I've made loops, and even completed a few tracks which weren't bad.Reason was always my way of switching off from the world..just getting lost in music making and having fun... Now however, my problem is that lately I'm lacking the drive, motivation or inspiration to really develop new tracks or ideas. It's like I'm bored, or need a 'reason' to do it in the first place.. That feeling of exitement is not there any more and I can't find the inspiration to do what I used to love doing.What's wrong with me? Help!