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Direct outs/inserts on ReMix channels

Having a direct out on all channels in the mixer would a few things a lot easier:

1. If you run out of aux sends, just add another mixer using the direct outs to connect channel to channel for an additional 4 mono and 1 stereo sends. Repeat as necessary. Very cool and useful too, because "reusing" FX across channels can sometimes make the mix sound more coherent.

2. Create submixes without making any changes to existing cabling. With direct outs, an existing setup could be split into submixes/busses/groups after the main mixer (in the signal path). Inserting spiders/mixers BEFORE the main mixer can be really tedious in an existing, complex setup and the result can be quite messy.

Having inserts on the mixer channels would be even better than just direct outs. This would allow a more "traditional" approach to insert FX and I think I would really help me make more organized projects (I use a lot of devices and run into serious problems with clutter).