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Reason, Rewire, Native on the Intel Macs


The straight up truth please:

Are these two programs now fully fuctional, NATIVE, and solid on Intelmacs? I'm in Logic and EXS right now and I'd like to go back to DP (Native as of today!) and a softsampler and I'm thinking about buying Reason, but different parts of the propeller site says different things. I work intensively with samples and often push these programs to their limits, so non-native, Rosetta run versions will, unfortunately, not work for me. A press release on May 18th said that Reason and Rewire were now released in Universal Binary and were fully integrated into the new macs. The Support page for Reason currently says that neither of these products are native to intelmacs, and run with compromised efficiency through Rosetta. Before I buy Reason and Rewire on a really time sensitive project I'd like to know if these two programs are ready to work on my computer, and to be integrated into a NATIVE version of Digital Performer.

Any thoughts or advice from anyone who has experience with these products on intel macs and/or could clear up this confusion for me would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks, gang.