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wanting to start a new REASON community. come join the team

Hi My Fellow Reason Users,

I?m not actually new here but I guess my name may be kind of new here since I finally found a name for my group that I actually like. Thus I have made i hope my finial alias. lol

But any who. I want to run and idea I have been thinking about for the past couple of weeks and now im ready to hopefully move forward in this venture.

I have a dedicated server with plenty of room for a GREAT reason community. I was actually thinking of starting a new forum/community for us reason user. Now dont get me wrong guys, I love propellerheads, reason station, combinatorHQ and some other reason sites and I am not trying to rain on there parade. Heck, maybe we all can come together and start a reason network who

But anyway, like I said im not trying to rain on any other sites parade because they all have helped me in the advancement of me actually learning reason so I am very grateful. But I feel that a new power reason community will be a GREAT addition to the other reason communities.

Since I have a dedicated server I can actually do a few things and have some great features. Here is what I have on the drawing board thus far. (which im sure some communities may also have available)

- Forum using the Latest Vbulletin Software
- Users can upload/download Refills
- Custom Refills submitted by users
- Share your production with the world via mp3's, wma's, or even actual reason files
- Registered Users can have there very own webpage or music page to promote there music
- Hell. Just a bunch of goodies for all REASON users. LOL Too many to post now.

What I am actually looking for are maybe mods and admins (real reason users) to help run and maintain this community.

All expenses will of course be taken care of by me. So if anyone is interested please send me an email at the address below. Like i said. Right now things are just on the drawing board but would like to put things in action if everything works out.

Here are a few qualities that im looking for to be a mod or admin to this community.

- Has to be a REASON users (the more experience the better) newbies please
- Have Mod/Admin forum experience
- knowledge of basic html, php, mysql, ect VERY helpful
- Must be a team player and actually have time to mod the community.

Right now I am only in search of maybe 2-3 mods but may need more as the community grows.

Now this is a GREAT opportunity and if you would like more info and/or would like to be apart of this communities team then be sure to email me and tell me why you would be a great pic for this position. If you have a website please send me the address of your site.

Thanks guys for taking the time to read my long novel. Happy music production with your Reason workstation.