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can't get reason 3 to save my work any more please help!!

Hi every1, i had a problem with viruses on my laptop so had to reformat my hd. I saved a copy of my folder with all my tunes , refills , samples etc in . I re installed reason 3 and everything went fine. I moved the folder with all my stuff back to where it was before (in reason folder) and got to work. Only after a long session i tried to save my work.... only instead of performing the save command the 'save as' box came up , i tried to perform save as to overwrite the existing song file but it says it cant save my work because of an unkown exception???? i have tried and tried again but reason will now not save my work (like the demo version) and seems to have lost the save command altogether and only has save as which doesnt work. PLEASE PLEASE can any 1 help with this??oh and i have re installed twice with the same problem still there aaaahhhhhh!
many thanks