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It's 2007 and I'm starting from scratch.

I'm starting from scratch and want to take advantage of both the newest tehnology and the devices that best interface with Reason.

I have studio monitors M-Audio BX5a and my kids have an Alesis Multimix 16 firewire. Aside from these, I have not purchased anything and I have a good pc with lots of ram and memory, so esentially I have a clean slate. I have done some research and read many of the threads. What I do want is to make music with equipment that is easy to use, well made and interfaces with Reason without a supreme hassle. So I expect that my first purchase will be a keyboard controler.

Now some people recomend one without a lot of knobs and sliders and others recomend just the opposite. So I'm perplexed. I like the concept of the Axiom controlers with the pads, sliders and knobs, but many of the threads seem to indicate that they are difficult to dial in and not a very clean interface.

So if you were starting from scratch what equipment recomendations would you have?

Thanks in advance!