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Doubt about buying Reason...

Hello guys,

I would like to ask a question, that I could not find in the forums. I am about to upgrade my music equipment and with that also to upgrade the software. A friend of mine very much advises me to buy the Propellerheads Reason, though there are a few thing which confuse me...
I have gone through a couple of tutorials to get basic idea of the capabilities of Reason and there are things that are very cleverly made and I like, but also, there are things that I need and I could not find. That is why I am in doubt...

As a live musician I very often improvise playing an instrument with my hands, while the computer programming loops. So far I have been using a custom programmed software that allowed me to play loop after loop but I could not find this capability in Reason documentation:

To be perfectly clear: what I do is prepare a number of loops and then start playing them. Sometimes I need a pre-programmed 4bar group to play infinitely while I improvise and by a click from a MIDI control survace to go on to the next or some other 4 (8 or whatever) bar group and repeat, until again I press a button. So far I have compositions using more than 50 different 4bar groups that need to be played in different order. However from what I have seen from the tutorials and documentation it is only possible to put thing in the Sequencer and play them either in loop mode (i.e. looping certain number of bars) or "streaming" it from end to end. Note that during performance my hands are busy and I cannot control the sequencer manually.

The second thing I very much need, but it is not so crucial - maybe it would be better to buy a hardware module for that - it the "loop station" capability. i.e. I would like to play something realtime and then while the computer is repeating it, I would improvise overdubbing the sounds I have played previously.

I am pretty aware that Ableton Live has both these capabilities, but it is much more expensive and if Reason has those I would rather buy it.