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ableton live 5 with reason 3 (help)

hi ive been using reason 3 for about a year and have done lots of tracks with the sequencer.ive just bought live 5 and am very impressed to say the least.the thing is im about to go out live with my reason tunes but want to export them into live so i can mash them up and have fun with them like most dance acts do.. Do i have to export each track as a wav file from reason to live and rebuild the whole song or is there away to have the whole reason song in live so i can mash it up.if any could help id be more than greatful.ive only been using live for a few days you see.i would just use the seqencer in reason and mute bits and play over the top but from what i hear the sequencer in reason isnt that good in a live enviroment.any way let me know many thanks