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2 Reasons why more might be coming.....

Looking at the Thor video on youtube I notice 2 encouraging things.

1) James says thor is coming to "*some* upcoming version of reason in the future" (9m48s). Surely it's coming in "the next version" of reason. IMHO, "some upcoming version", and waving your hands into the future like he does is smoke and mirrors - trying to make it seem far away when it's really coming sooner.

2) He says "we wanted to let you know what we're working on", but notice in the file browser when he selects patches (1m37sec) that some of them were made quite a while back. One was made Oct 27 2006 and the others shortly after. So it seems like Thor has been pretty ready for quite a while, which means he can't legitimately say "what we're working on". In fact, he kind of grins as he says it.

So, I'm kind of hopeful, but the suspense is a killer!