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Audio Input Program

Today I was working in reason and I was drawing a blank so I just was messing around with the various devices in Reason when I notices the Rebirth input machine. This is a device often forgotten about because I never use it. When I opened it up and noticed the Rewire logo on the front of it, it gave me an idea of a solution to the #1 problem and gripe I have with Reason: No Audio Input. Obviously this is an issue that has surfaced in this forum countless times, but for good reason. Propellerhead has stated that it doesn't want Reason to be a Multitrack recorder, which is understandable, but little has been offered in way of an explanation to why there is no live audio input, especially when Reason would make a great live audio effects unit on stage or perhaps one could utilize the #1 device limited by Reason's design, the BV512 Vocoder.
Well the truth is is Reason does have a form of audio input via rewire from rebirth. Rebirth, now discontinued, could serve as the way to get audio into reason, and man would that be cool. The Rebirth input machine could be placed anywhere in Reason's signal flow, not only making Reason have simple audio input, but very flexible audio input!

So the challenge here is to produce a third party utility program that functions as a rewire slave, acts like Rebirth in the sense that Reason detects it as Rebirth and allows the rewire connection, and that has ASIO and CORE audio drivers (more on this later). If such a program could be developed, I would be willing to financially back such a project.

There are a few roadblocks I've noticed so far:
-Two programs cannot use a soundcard's ASIO drivers at the same time, so either one would have to us 2 soundcards, or a way to use the unused input busses on the ASIO driver that Reason uses.
-Getting Reason the think the program is Rebirth may require a lot of work. I'm sure one way is to use the code from rebirth itself. Another would be to emulate it.

If any of you have any ideas let me know what you think. Remember this is just an idea so far, if it will actually happen is another issue. I mainly wanted to see what people who know programing think and to see if it even could be done in the first place.