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my wishlist

note this is a complete wishlist of mine,so many of the previously suggested features like audio in might be present....


1 pattern panel(slides open like nnxt or new reverb control panel)
this will show you the whole drum pattern at a glance,so u can edit all the drum channels simultaneously

2 master gate cv out...although u can add all the gate outs with the cv merger,but a single cv out wont hurt either.


1 cv ins and outs for pattern steps and the pattern resolution.

this wouldnt have made much sense earlier,but now theres a need cuz haveing control over the speed of the pattern thru a combinator knob is needed,can accomplish so many things with that.

why outs?...well sometimes u need to control the resolution of another pattern device like the redrum or (will come to it later)...dr.rex(in the wish list)


1 this is REQUIRED, run button functionality over PREVIEW button.

this button should have a switch like the pattern on/off in redrum or matrix,
when this switch is off,the preview button behaves like it does now,
but when on,dr.rex starts running the pattern every time u press play....just like the pattern sections in redrum and matrix.
(u may argue that u should copy pattern to track in that case,well sometimes that wont work,chek my taal combinator for doesnt work...u need to run the pattern from the device)

2 resolution knob,realtime control over the loop's speed is needed.
sometimes u want to run the same loop at twice or half the speed while playing live,just for 2 bars.


1 ive suggested that a seperate utility to design combis would be awesome,where u have complete control over how many(have an upper limit of say 6 to 8)
knobs buttons sliders and leds u want...and WHERE u want to place them on the module,then that combinator can be packaged and brought into the reason rack,and then u can assign the parameters to the various components.

2 a .rps style combinator patch,
when a combinator is packed that way,users can get the control the authour wishes to give them,but cant open it up and fiddle around....sometimes a patch designer would take ages to build a complex patch,and would want to sell it....why not....its very similar to refills,

when u do want to open it up,u ask the author for the openable file.

(yes it is a very sensitive subject,i know im gonna have a lot of counter arguements for this one)

3 if the first request for combi is not met...

have another knob or filter style(lp hp notch) switch for each knob...with 4 parameters.

now in the programmer,u will be able to predefine the 4 parameters that every knob will have control over.

the result of this would be this...

right now only 1 parameter per knob,but after this 4 for 16 controllable parameters...although 4 at a time.

also a similar fifth button(bank a/b)

4 with so much complexity...a nice big LCD which shows the current parameter name and value.

5 2 cv outs(corresponding cv ins...inside)

eg,u build a huge pattern generator combi,now u route the composite cv signal to the sampler outside that combinator.

well..this is possible now,but id like the cable to come from the main combi panel.


Reason in master rewire mode....this is a better way of sayin AUDIO IN.

or a completely new audio workstation from pheads...but REASON STYLE...which adds audio tracks...removes the music instruments like samplers,synths drum modules, but retains all the fx units and mixers.
and needless to say it should...and if developed by will be VERY tightly integrated with reason.
a nice arpp.


nah...i know theres too much pressure on u guys already...but if u guys find something worth implementing in my wishlist.....please do it.