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Create a drum kit Combinator

I'd like to create a set of drum samples (bassdrum, snare, etc.) and looking for the best way to realize that. I like the ReDrum drum computer, because he's got automatic touch sensity and a channel for every loaded sample. But there is a problem: He's got only 10 channels. I need at least 14. So I've created a 14line mixer and a second ReDrum and mapped the ReDrum channels on the mixer. Now, if I press any key on my MIDI piano (key C1 - A#1), only the first ReDrum machine plays the sample. The second recieves a mute signal (MIDI key range C1 - A#1). My questions are:

1. Where can I define if a MIDI key signal is "mute" or "play" (or is that a hardcode implementation in ReDrum?)

2. Is there a second way to get a good "drum sample player"? I've already had a look at NN-XT sampler, but it seems that it is much more complex than the ReDrum way. :-)

Thank you!