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Slagging off Props!

This may annoy a few people, and i may get my head bitten off, but don't you think that these forums are becomming a little too negative about the props and the fact that they haven't released anything for a while.
i don't post much here because i can't be bothered with all the "when will R4 be out" "come on props give us something" sort of thing.

i don't have a problem with reason 3, i spend a lot of time finding new sounds with it, also i found that when i added control surfaces it became an even greater creative tool.
people just need to spend time finding sounds and not expecting things like Thor to be the saviour of all there musical creativity.

Why do people come on to the forum to just to slag props and reason off, if they think it is rubbish don't use it, if live is the bees knees just use that then. Why waste your time just being negative.

I use this software nearly everyday, and been using it for years but i am always learning on it.

i look forward to see reason 4 like everyone else but it is not the be all and end all of for me. (does that make any sense)

I feel that if you haven't got anything good or interesting to say about the software or the props then don't bother.

right i will get off my soap box now

the very rev. chalkline

p.s i don't care about audio in either