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Still no Propellerhead Prizes...

I won the "Plain Huge" Propellerhead sound contest waaaaay back in December. I received all of my prizes but one... the Microsoft Zune. I've been in contact with the Propellerheads about the situation and they've assured me on several occasions that "it's coming" and "we'll contact our Microsoft rep right away" or something to that effect... but yet here we are almost 5 months later... and still no prize!!!! Further more, I am now being ignored by my Propellerhead contact (I should note that i've only sent him one email a month about this... so it's not like I'm nagging or being impatient).

They are the ones that created the contest... they picked the winner... and they promised the prizes... so what gives?

I'm very grateful for the prizes I did receive, and I've let them know that in each email I've sent.

At this point I'd have to call the contest a sham!

Props... it's time to save face... You promised me a prize... and I expect to receive it. I didn't want to air this dirty laundry... but I had no choice seeing as how I am being ignored.

VERY Disappointed,