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Getting a good Rhodes sound in Reason 3 ????????

Peace Phamily

I like to produce neo soul, lounge, jazz step drum n bass type sounds. What is key to these sounds is the Rhodes to give it that soulful sound. I have found some Rhodes, but they don't have that sound of the Chords like I hear in the sample loops (which are too short for me to use and make whole songs).

I don't play the piano natively and I am wondering how would you get that good Rhodes sound? It sounds like a Rhodes mixed with an Organ type sound.

For those who have Reason 3, the following Dr. Rex Loops have the sound I am talking about that I would like to emulate [ I am currently using an Edirol PCR m50 Midi Controller]:

Reason Factory Sound Bank Music Loops Variable Tempo (Rex2) Downtempo

- - - 090_Running_Rhodes (1 and 2)
- - - 090 Smooth_Rhodes
- - - 100_Phase Rhodes

If anyone can point me to how to emulate those sounds I would be greatfull. I know eLab makes some good Rhodes sound, but I want to create my own.

The current refills that I have now exclusively with Rhodes sounds for NNXT or NN19 are

Peff 018 Mark I
Peff 018a Rhodes Patches
Triton Rhodes

I should ask specifically, what types of effects do I need to add to get em to sound like the Rhodes in the above examples and not plain like the 4 right above this text?

Any help is appreciated.