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Reason freezes when Pro Tools 002 Rack is powered on

Just got Reason Full 3.0 for my Mac Powerbook G4. But when I try to run Reason, it won't start up if I have my 002 Pro Tools Rack powered on. It just freezes...When the rack is turned off however, I can run Reason 3.0 but only with internal sound - but should this be occuring? I thought I could run my keyboard through Pro Tools hardware via midi and everything was kosher (IE I should be able to hear Reason sounds through my speakers via Pro Tools rack). Maybe I need to update my version of Reason? Maybe it's my MAC OS - Currently running 10.3.3 but perhaps I should upgrade to 10.3.8 and that will solve the problem? I know there's a plugin for Pro Tools called Reason adapted that will allow me to run a lower form of Reason within Pro TOols - - but I'm looking to get my full 3.0 Reason version rolling on its own (then just export stuff to pro tools as needed). Can't seem to find a clear answer out there - Turning to any MAC/Reason/pro tools gurus for help
Thanks for any help in advance!