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This audio issue is not handled well by the props -long post

-please skip this post if you are annoyed by the audio discussion and just want to let out something like "get a rewire host, "reason is not a swiss knife", "or it is what it is"-


i couldn't resist summing this whole audio bsht up as this thing is turning up with the same arguments for the xth time.

Audio in Reason is neither a religion nor
some ideologic bsht, it is what a lot of people here want to see in Reason for years because working with audio files is something quite natural in a studiolike environment and in Reason it is obviously not supported very well.
It has to be handled like in the hardware samplers that they originally wanted to replace (via Sample triggering) or you have to get a host from a competitor and use another sequencer (perverting Reasons workflow and stability), or you have to slice up audio which is not always possible and can lead to sonic degradation.

Some facts are:

- It is the biggest single wish of the community
(go and count the suggestions on the topic audio- there also are questions "can i record vocals?" every second day)
Even if is not the biggest wish it is one really big wish!

- It is common technology and not so overly hard to implement (the stuff they did for 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0 is harder to develop)- i have that from someone who worked on Reason.

-They have just updated the sequencer (a thing that they didn't even intend or liked for 1.0) so it could have flown in using synergy effects minimizing the time needed for other cool stuff.

-it wouldn't change the layout of Reason as much and fundamental as VST support would do.

- It wouldn't harm the ones who don't want it (though most(!) of the ones eagerly to jump in and say "no i hope they don't implement audio" are imho what is considerd as fanboys, who can't stand someone criticizing their favourite app). Anyone now has to adjust to the new sequencer anyways and if you use other apps in an audio context then you see that they don't crash as long as you don't load up buggy VSTs

- It even fits in what has been put out by the props as the ideas behind Reason
namely replace hardware, self containment, good workflow.

-there where suggestions like diskstreaming for the samplers that could have been used to help those audio whiners out without giving in to the request (if that is the problem) and implementing audiotracks.

After such a long time of requesting, they still haven't given any further information on this topc.
Especially if you consider that this 2003 interview with Ernst is pretty much the only explanation why the biggest wish of their userbase (in terms of requests) is not being fulfilled and this "just another Cubase answer" is (sorry to say that) one really illogical answer.
How can adding something that nearly every other audio product with a sequencer has and that is common sense in music production, make the situation worse for Reason.
I mean, they have just added an arpeggeiator right now, which has been in Cubase for years, so after that logic Reason is now a "me too" product.
And this whole "we don't want to compete with the others that have audio" is another myth. They are competing already with Live, Fruity Loops, Project 5, Cubase etc with or without audio.
Nobody is going to buy Reason BECAUSE it has no audio support.
Also the props have changed their mind on the way Reason developed in the past. The mastering suite eg was developed because of people complaining about "low levels" in Reason. What a reason is that compared to people complaining about missing audio support.

Now that this is finnaly not fulfilled after years it would be about time for the bosses to at least give some understandable reasons
if this is final and why it is that way. Everything else can be subsummized under the category "not caring about what the userbase wants".

This is it, i have fired out all my arguments again and i most probably won't show up outside this thread as i don't really think we see a change here.