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REFILL IDEAS: Crunk, Hyphy, Havana Club, & Merengue

For hip-hop:

Dirty South Refill: sounds for south style hip-hop ranging from Master P's old school No Limit sound & Lil' Jon's up=to-date crunk feel, all the way to that Texas screw music, that ATL live vibe, and last but not least that Miami booty bass beat. No Loops, just redrum kits (packed with 808's of course), lead synths, pads, etc., funky guitars, and never ending bass.

Hyphy Refill: that unique Rick Rock sound coming out of the Bay Area in California. That L.A. westcoast sound always gets represented in sample libraries, give us some of that Hyphy ish. (to reference this sound, check out E-40, the Federation, Turf Talk, Too Short, especially the newer albums produced by Rick Rock).

For Latin music, or to incorporate in other forms of electronic music:

Havana Club Refill: We need a refill that focuses specifically on bringing a diverse gallery of cuban percussion in it's entirtey (not just bongos, congas, and a littlbe bit of clave). Because not to many people are familiar with playing latin rhythms, instead of giving us a bunch of loops, it would be nice to have different pallettles of cuban percussion in the NNXT format routed to the matrix (and with reason 4 coming out, possibly routed to that new groove module) to trigger different popular rhytms within a combinator so that we can have more editing control i.e. styles can include Son Clave, guaguanco, etc. As far as instruments go, we need a tres guitar, latin sounding piano patches from different eras, brass instruments that slide and glide into nice latin sounding stabs, acoustic and electric basses (which we already have but some more couldn't hurt), etc. (for a reference of this sound check out Beny More, Celia Cruz, Ibrahim Ferrera, etc.)

Santo Domingo Merengue Refill: I hope the Salazaar Brothers put together a sequel like this to their Reggaeton refill. That refill is the effin' ish! (for a reference of this sound check out Fulanito and Magic Juan).

Of course, if we spent the time and money, we could all create sounds in these styles, as we have all had to put in work to achieve the sounds we want in our own mixes and recordings. All I'm saying is that it would be nice to have professionally programmed and recorded refills that are ready to go, authetnic, and approved by the artists and producers of these genres. For example, for the Havana Club refill, it would be so dope to have an authentic refill of this sort that actually got recorded in Cuba, kinda how the Abbey Roads refill is so authetnic. Thanks for reading. Feel free to add ideas to these refills, or for other refills to this thread.