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8 Core Mac + Cubase 4 + Reason? Experiences? Performance?

I just want to see if anybody here on the forum is using an 8 core mac with Cubase 4 and Reason 3 together, how does it run, how is the performance? etc.

Can anyone or anyone at Propellerheads confirm that when using Cubase 4 + Reason 3, the apps will be distributed evenly accross process cores. IN OTHER WORDS..... is it true to say that you will get better performance using these two seperate apps on an 8 core mac than you would on a 4 core mac.

In truth I am using seperate apps besides this as well, such as Kontact, Vienna Instruments, and other software, so I assume that an 8 core mac, in that case, and since I am maxing out pretty much everything a lot of the time, will certainly be better for my purposes than a 4 core mac, but I just want to check that there is no invisible software barrier that will make it run slowly or some weird things like that, which tend to happen from time to time.