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Reason 4 NEEDS Multi-core Support!!

Propellerhead brags when it comes to how lean and cpu efficient Reason is, "It's lighter on your cpu than any other digital studio out there" they would say, and they are right, but it is definitely NOT the most cpu efficient, ESPECIALLY on multi-core computers. Let me give you an example...

Propeller Rep: "Our Reason system is very cpu efficient and takes less cpu than any other audio software!"
Prospective Buyer: "But does it offer multi-core support?"
Propeller Rep: "Uh... no."
Prospective Buyer: "So then even if Fruity Loops Studio, your competitor, uses 150% more cpu than Reason, wouldn't I be able to run it smoother because it distributes the load evenly across my dual core, therefore using 75% of each cpu instead of 100% of one, while completely ignoring the other, like Reason does?"
Propeller Rep: "Uhhh, uhhh... maybe?"

Dual and quad core computers have been around for a while now and they have been replacing a lot of single core computers. It's more common to see a computer with 2 processors running at 1.6ghz (3.2ghz total) than with 1 processor at 2.4ghz. Yet the weaker 2.4ghz would run Reason better because Propellerhead, unlike all of their competitors, are too lazy to implement multi-core support! So the 3.2ghz computer will actually only be able to use 1.6ghz to run Reason with. For a serious producer who builds complex combinator patches, has many sequencer tracks, and who is also looking for smooth performance, Reason's lack of multi-core support is a very troubling setback. For several of my friends, and myself included, whether Reason 4 includes multi-core support is the major deciding factor of whether we intend to buy the program or not.

Please Propellerhead, don't be cheap and skip implementing such a crucial and common feature in all other applications today, include multi-core support for Reason 4. If it somehow interrupts your plans for the release date, then do it in the form of a free path Reason users can download from your site later to fix up this terrible limitation and inefficiency in cpu usage.