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Bug with Reason4 & Sonar5 (recording notes with Reason Seq)

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced any similar problems with Reason 4.

I'm using it rewired to Cakewalk Sonar 5 and when I'm recording notes on any Reason device, if I'm recording notes onto the Reason sequencer (with a M-Audio Radium 49 keyboard)the note seems to get recorded as 2 notes, one like 1/64 in length then a longer one imediately after it.
When you play it back, the note just wont sound properly.

It's alright if you record the notes straight into Sonar sequencer but I've just got into the habit of recording things straight into Reason, even when I'm using it rewired and also, I'm not sure if it will effect using things like the new arpegiator.

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same thing and whether it is a bug with reason 4.

When I'm using Reason on it's own, there doesn't seem to be any problems and the keyboard is working fine.