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Redrum automation for Adding Tracks to Sequencer

I thought of this idea to create drum sequences quickly. Each drum channel in the redrum drum machine should have a check box to automatically assign that channel to the sequencer window (redrum module). I.E Once you have created the redrum module and you want to add the Bass drum, snare, and hi hat to the sequencer window you would have to create 3 new sequencer tracks and select the redrum module for each of the 3 tracks manually. With this added new button/feature all you would have to do e.g for the bass drum i.e on channel 1 would be to check the add to sequencer track button for channel 1 and the redrum for that channel will be created automatically in the sequencer window negating having to create each track manually/individually. This can be done for all the redrum channels. i.e check the add sequencer button on all of the redrum channels and all 10 individually assigned drums will be automatically added to the sequencer window/lane (10 redrum modules). Therefore if you wanted Bass Drum, snare and hi hat u enable the check box on the each of the assigned channels and they would be added as 3 separate sequencer tracks with the redrum modules assigned in the sequencer window automatically. (3 redrum Modules) Anyone got any thoughts if this is a good idea.