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Which feature is most important to you!?

So theres a lot of a ideas floating around, but we don't know which one people want most. I have searched through many pages of the most popular ideas and made this list. Please vote for your favorite features by simply putting the number in front of of the feature and how important it is to you. If it is not important to you, do not include it.

Each level of importance is worth some points. Simply reply with total of FOUR features and their level of important (use the same terms as I did below). I will tally up the scores after I see that the thread has died when everyone has voted. If your choice is not listed simply replace the number with your feature request.

This is my vote:

2. Extremely Important, 1. Very Important, 15. Important, 8. Somewhat Important

1. Audio lanes/audio device and editor (integrated ReCycle?) that is fully routable and tweakable with simple drag and audio clips. Allows for timestretching, etc.

2. Recording device that is fully routable and tweakable and allows for live manipulation and recording of your voice and sounds.

3. Advanced/modular combinator with many assignable knobs.

4. Surround sound support.

5. Ability to stretch rack horizontally, or other view based upgrades.

6. Native 64 bit support.

7. Upgrades to current devices including more automation options, cv inputs and outputs, routing capabilities, new knobs and features, and more.

8. Advanced Mixer with collapsable sections, more FX sends, and advanced EQ for each channel.

9. More customization, control over defaults, and interface upgrades for the app, including the options in preferences section, removing popup alerting of no MIDI device, etc.

10. Multi-core support.

11. Patch randomization for all devices.

12. Completely new devices like an Advanced Delay, Bit Crushers, etc.

13. VST mode which allows for VST plugins but loses stability and such.

14. Video lane

15. High resolution Step sequencer lane/device