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The sampler to put an end to all samplers

A sampler not sample player as the NN19 and NNXT are, but an actual sampler inside reason. What would I call it don't matter thats Pheads job but the ideal is this take all the samplers of today and yesterday and put them all together like you did with thor all the synthesis possible put in one device. So this sampler should be able to record audio directly from the sound card 5 mins is more than enough. Functions that are a must is 12bit-16bit modes along with 11kmhz-44.1kmhz modes, auto chop, auto chop and sample map, manual chop, waveform display, multisample, ability to read any sample format, abitlity to save in Thor, NN19, NNXT, Maltrom, Subtractor, Redrum, and Dr. Rex formats. Loads .wav, aiff, Mp3, wma, SF2, and Rex formats. Have same synthesis capabilities as Thor but with alot more filter types. Reverse sample, and send to device function meaning after editing sample you can send samples directly to other devices once you save in that particular format this would create that device on a track. This new sampler would also be abale to play loops like the Dr. Rex. these are just my ideals anyone else have any to add please do and Pheads hopefully you guys are reading this one espeacially this would allow reason to compete with the synth sampler workstations like Fantoms, tritons and MPC's.