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Have the sequencer tracks follow the devices

This may have been asked for already, but it would be nice to have a simple user setting that allows the sequencer tracks follow the order of the rack devices. Right now there's no connection between the two, and when you create a new device it gets placed below whichever track has focus in the sequencer. But a user preference that you can turn on and off would be nice. If off, allow the sequencer to be disconnected from the rack (as it is now). With this option turned on, have the sequencer follow the order of the rack. Any new devices created at the bottom of the rack, would have it's track placed at the bottom of the sequencer.

Of course, you should still be able to move the devices and tracks around as you wish later. This should only affect when they are initially created.

Perhaps a correlary option could be available in which moving a device in the rack also moves the sequencer track to the corresponding destination would be nice too. So if you move a device to the top of the rack (for example), the sequencer track also moves to that location.

Also, a user preference to have a new note lane created below previous lanes instead of above the previous lane might be nice too. But this one is minor in my book.

What do you think?
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