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Will a Vintage Ferrograph Reel 2 reel tape recorder help...

Hi every 1 i know this is a very wierd question but I have trawled the net and cannot find any info. The thing is I may have made a mistake. Any1 heard of PSP brilliant vst VINTAGE WARMER? well I read the spec and it says it functions as a compressor but introduces VINTAGE TAPE compression to the signal typical of old vintage tape recorders. With this in mind I was browsing ebay when I saw an old vintage ferrograph valve tape recorder which actually looks like the warmers been modelled on it!! the knobs on the front are exactly the same! well I bought this with the intention of running my whole mixes through it etc to get the real thing. Only Im just now thinking if this is what I should have got or have I just got carried away? SHould i really have been looking for a vintage compressor or just stayed with the warmer the unit cost me 130.00 will it be useful??please give me your thoughts ..... many thanks