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From Korg's web site observer=energy

To show that O=E, observer=energy you need to convert everything into feeling on/off +/-.

One of the papers sent in to SC:

Using the laws of electricity you can convert mater into sensory perception (positive/negative = feeling on/off = sense of time) to solve the Unified Field Theory by using a tool of measurement, one (weak) cycle of Ohm?s law. This is the weak force that?s function was unknown till now. It creates the sense of time and is part of life. Going back in time shows that time is relative to a single observer and time starts with the octave observational division of a single observer, life itself, a feeling or whole sense of self that goes away and comes back (that?s the weak force) to create the sense of time, feeling off/on, tic/tok, and multiple points of observation relative to time, speed, and distance. This explains why observer time appears to change as observed and measured by multiple observers. There is only one whole, or self. There is only one observer (life) at any (observation) point in time and therefore time (and motion) is NOT relative and stays constant relative to the observer. IE: no two observers exit at exactly the same time because there is only one life to go around. Time is real and time ALWAYS remains a constant to the observer as life?s feeling fluctuates (the weak force becoming an oscillator, the basis of an additive and subtractive synthesis system) creating multiple points of observation, or observers, starting from the beginning single point of reference. You cannot ask where life came from because life was not moving. Time started ?then? because that is how long it took for the observer to get where it finds itself reading this. Measurements of time, speed, and distance of the observer position using forward anticipation are the key to understanding and proving this. Quantum Physics really needs to learn to tell time.

Newton?s law: F=ma=m(dv/dt)
Comparing with V= L(dI/dt), where voltage has the same dimensions of force, inductance the same dimensions of mass, and current same dimensions of velocity. It is clear that the equations are actually the same, and that V=L(dI/dt) is actually Newton?s law of motion.

Kinetic energy = 1/2mv2
Energy stored in inductor = 1/2LI2, where L has dimensions of mass and I of velocity.

Work (Energy) = Force * distance
Compare with Energy = Vq, where voltage has dimensions of force, and charge dimensions of length.

This one is deep....

Comparing the time constant of a simple pendulum given by (L/g)1/2

If we replace a pendulums length L by charge (dimension S), and gravitational acceleration by (a=dv/dt=dI/dt) current acceleration, we have: Time constant = (qT/I)1/2... but q=CV and R=V/I so: T=(RCT)1/2 (T)1/2= (RC)1/2 T=RC... time constant for RC circuit...derived from mechanical pendulum

Force = Rate of change of momentum = m (dv/dt)
Compare to EMF = L (dI/dt)... means that product LI is in fact the momentum of the electrical system.
Energy = Force * distance
Energy = ma * d
E = mvd/t .... but mvd is momentum*distance which has the same dimensions as Energy*time same as the well known quantum of action : Planck constant h, so:
E = h/t .... 1/t= frequency, thus
E = hf

Ohm's law: very important to observe and understand this simple law because it controls the flow of time into the strong force.

Rocket equation : Thrust = Velocity * Mass flow rate
Replacing Thrust (force) by voltage, velocity by current, and mass flow rate by resistance, we get Ohms Law: V = IR .

Ohms law is the rocket thrust equation and also correlates to the flow of the weak force in the little world and flow of observers directed by the neurogenetic reflex action in the big world. The feeling goes away and returns in a constant cycle in the little world via the weak force abiding by Ohms law, you move to avoid pain and seek pleasure in the big world in a cycle of known belief in something (fire): that creates a feeling (too hot): that creates desire/want (pull away): and the reflex action of you pulling your hand away (work): that you just saved from being harmed. You do what you do because you want to do it based on what feels best. Of course you have to figure it out and that is the function of the brain acting as an on/off feeling direction switch. To accept and prove the fact that matter does not create life you just add the observer by turning the symmetry of time in E=mc2 around. It?s that simple. The world is not flat, the Earth does not rotate around the Sun, and matter does not create Life. Life is a feeling that creates perception (awareness) based on location, a product of time, speed, and distance which mirrors Ohm?s law again where time, speed, and distance represent the three parts of Ohm?s law, I,E, and R to create P (P = work, point of location, new point of observation forward on the fastest moving sub-second hand of the clock's dial of time).

If you know any two parts, you know the third. If it takes you one hour to go 100 miles you know your speed was 100 miles an hour, etc. It is a measurement of a whole broken down into multiple points of time, or points of observation. These points of observation are temporary but real with lasting effects. Time increases exponentially relative to the strong force to make room for the weak force?s new points of observation it creates at a constant rate. The Universe is a clock with a time keeper: the fluctuating feeling of self called the weak force that creates the very real sense of time. The sense of time is not relative. It is real. JFH^^

When you look at something unknown it always looks complicated till you figure it out to see how simple it really is. A clock is very simple. This just started. As a group collectively we now know more about the source and function of this oscillator than science currently does. At least we know it?s an oscillator collectively speaking. Certainly many of you know of issues related to oscillators I am unaware of that go on to create complex sounds. Opportunity is where you find it as you create your reality. Science is rediscovering music theory, and self. Science has just discovered what time is by my showing science what time creates: an oscillator called the weak force cycle. A feeling going away (EM ) and a feeling returning ( GAV) just like a sound going away and returning that repeats the cycle endlessly to create the sense of time and one particle with each cycle. We eat time for energy and leave a trail of particles created behind us.

Relax your mind, building a clock made out of time is very simple. It starts with an oscillator that goes I/AM, +/ -. You cannot have nothing without something to create the negative. Something came first before it moved to create time. The feeling of life becomes relative to time. That?s life. It goes away but always comes back?..feeling better. Behaves just like sound. Too bad I cannot post pictures here that show this.