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Sharing Project Files with another Reason User

Hello all;
I've just started using Reason 3.0 and I'm having problems exporting a project file for our laptop guy in the band. For some reason my project file leaves off the sounds on Mixer channels 11-14 (they're completely blank), the instruments and all accompanying tracks in the sequencer window when he opens the file. The workaround was saving the missing channels to another proj.file and he then copied it into the first proj.file My project file is fine and intact when i open. Here's some info to let you know how we're working, the answers might be within perhaps

-My project file has 2 mixers: with 3 instruments patched into the 2nd mixer
-i'm running 3.0 on windows, he's running 4.0 on Mac (issue???)
-he's patching everything through Logic 8. But even if he opens my file just in Reason we encounter this problem.

Basically I need to know what/how the most efficient way to share project files with another reason user.

Hope someone can help. So far i love Reason
thanks in advance