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Bring Back Song Upload

Even though I am not a skilled music producer I would invariably download songs from other users to see how they created their songs my genre being trance music. This has helped me a great deal in determining how the building blocks of trance music is created. Now you have updated the web-site but no longer have the facility to upload your song. Only on your profile will songs be listed or in the music forum where people can discus their songs. I say bring it back, I am surprised that no one has added a thread on this subject before.

It is not easy to create a full song track. A full trance song requires a lot of thought and imagination to produce it as a solo artist. It does not take me minutes to make a song. It takes me ages and then I probably won't fully complete it as I do not have the necessary time. If you are a solo producer who has other responsibilities sometimes the only song you can upload is a loop or a nice trance melody, it may be good or bad, but at least other people can view it and even may be use it.

Please bring back the song upload. This will force Reason users to create MP3's and not allowing members of the reason community to gain knowledge of music creation i.e. great sounding combinators or unique sound syntesis.

I have only posted one song myself as I originally had no idea to create a trance tune. Also with the Reason software my dreams have been answered and can now create my own trance song. I know that most songs are 4/4 etc and have utilised some of the drum pattern sequences created by Reason users to get a feel as to how trance music is created, but now only self promotion will prevail in the Music Forum!!!

Bring it Back, Bring it Back right now!!!!